Are Vikings to be considered ruthless pirates or intrepid adventurers? One thing is certain: they were very brave and skilled seafarers who cut through the seas to conquer new lands and inestimable treasures! 
The legend of Vikings goes on with Viking Legend HD, a 5-reel, 3-row Slot that makes the players feel the thrill of the most heroic sea battles.
World Match, the supplier of premium online gaming solutions, has announced the release of this epic Slot in HTML5 jam-packed with special features, including Wild and Free Spin. In order to add even more thrill, during Free Spins the winnings are multiplied by 3.
The provider has chosen HTML5 technology, because it's the ideal platform for the development of mobile games. According to WM strategy, HTML5, though, comes up beside iOS and Android native technologies that allow to provide Slots with even more detailed graphics and great animations.
Viking Legend HD is indeed plenty of 3D animations that enrich the gameplay and provide the players with the best game experience they ever had.
Play Viking Legend HD:
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