William Hill fights gaming fraud with TrustMarque 

15 August 2001

William Hill fights gaming fraud with TrustMarque

William Hill has selected RiskGuardian, developed by TrustMarque International, to provide the fraud screening of all sportsbook transactions.

TrustMarque was selected by William Hill after a lengthy process of reviewing organisations offering a fraud screening solution. RiskGuardian meets all the gaming industry's specific requirements including the ability to process gaming transactions from any current or future technology (IDTV, 3G/WAP, MOTO, Internet).

By minimising the fraudulent activity on the site, RiskGuardian, reduces chargebacks and provides usage trend information based on historical transactions. The management and reporting functionality will allow William Hill risk personnel and managers to operate more effectively by monitoring activity on the site and having access to transaction data in real time.

"We are delighted to be working with one of the biggest players in the online gaming arena and look forward to a long partnership with William Hill as we jointly address the ever-increasing problem of fraud," said Peter Angell, Senior Vice President at TrustMarque International.

Rob Parker, Service Development Manager, at William Hill commented, "fighting Internet fraud is a high priority for William Hill, TrustMarque has demonstrated not only an understanding of the online gaming industry but with Risk Guardian, TrustMarque has clearly developed an industry leading tool to beat the online gaming fraudster"

RiskGuardian is TrustMarque's solution to the escalating problem of on-line fraud. It is a fully automated, real time, on-line risk assessment service. The system operates on Internet aware parameters such as IP addresses and domain names, and uses internally generated and external market data to assess the risk of an Internet based transaction. Each parameter is defined by a value. Each value, in turn, has an associated risk factor from zero (0) to one hundred (100) - 0 being an automatic pass and 100 and automatic failure. RiskGuardian uses its sophisticated matrix of Internet aware, transactions specific and general parameters, to make 140 separate calculations for each transaction, in order to award it a risk score. Each assessment typically takes less than a second.

Key Features & Benefits:

- Minimises chargebacks

- Enables merchants to configure and add their own risk parameters, allowing them to take full control of their risk threshold and adapt it, as and when the operating environment requires.

- Transaction data captured by RiskGuardian is used continually to refine the accuracy of the service, therefore the more the system is used, the less chance there is of accepting fraudulent transactions

- Secure connectivity through VPN provides full non-repudiation

- Generates management risk assessment reports.