Wikibetting Will Revolutionise How You Bet With Your Mates

The Ladbible Coverage
How many times have you bet your mate something but not actually put your money where your mouth is?
I bet you can't eat all of that. I bet you can't jump that wall. I bet you can't get her number. All those things.
Well, let us introduce you to Wikibetting. A platform provider that will change the social gaming industry forever, allowing people to wager against each other on anything they want.
They explained to us...
The process is very straight forward, and is mainly handled by the user:
1. A peer creates a betting topic based on whatever they want e.g Console Gaming (FIFA), Sporting events, TV shows or even “Lad” based wagers that friends do on the weekend or when out together.
2. Sets the odds themselves
3. Sets the amount they want to wager; this can be real money or Token based currencies “freemium coins” like Zynga.
4. Applies a referee who can be anyone they know or chose a ranked referee within the system (referees have incentives)
5. Once the bet event is over, the referee then confirms the outcome and the winner of the wager is settled.
Sounds easy, right? Well, it is.
That means next time your mate reckons they could get at least 50 chicken wings down them in a half hour, you've got somewhere to wager properly with them.
Next time your mate thinks they can bench more than you at the gym, there's a place to let him put his money where his mouth is.
Want to get those bragging rights over your undeserving mates? Wikibetting is the place for you.