The week's esports fixtures: 25 June to 1 July

25 June 2020

iGB, in partnership with Bayes Esports Solutions, is proud to present a regular list of fixtures for some of the most popular esports competitions, helping operators looking to expand into the esports market at a time when interest in the vertical is hitting new heights.

Topping the list this week, with 25 fixtures, is Tencent Games' LDL 2020 Summer event. The League of Legends tournament, which sees Chinese teams compete in an event organised by the game's publishing division of the Chinese technology conglomerate, began on 10 June. It runs until 23 August, with 26 teams competing in a single round robin format. 

A number of fixtures have already been played, with Suning-S beating All Combo 2-1, and V5 87 overcoming SDX Gaming 1-0.

League of Legends dominates the fixture list this week, with LDL 2020 followed by Turkey's Akademi Ligi with 20 matches taking place, then the League of Legends European Championship Summer Season, on 15.

Next up is the ESL National Championship 2020 Meisterschaft Season 1, a Dota 2 tournament that runs until 22 August. The group stages are underway, with two teams topping these mini-leagues advancing to the semi-finals, and the following two going into the quarters. 

For Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) we have to hunt down the list, to the Perfect World Asia League Summer 2020, which has 12 fixtures taking place in the coming seven days. That event, featuring teams from China and Taiwan, runs until 19 July.

Scroll down for the full breakdown of this week's fixtures by title, tournament and number of fixtures.

This list is not yet exhaustive, and may be subject to change. Find out more about the Esports Directory here.

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