The week's esports fixtures

16 April 2020

iGB, in partnership with Bayes Esports Solutions, is proud to launch a new resource for operators looking to expand into the esports market while the traditional sports calendar has been significantly reduced.

This has been facilitated by the upcoming Esports Directory, a new solution from Bayes launching this month.

It will provide fixtures, results and information related to series, tournaments, matches, teams and players, all free of charge. Due to the sheer volume of fixtures on offer, iGB has refined the list to three of the most popular esports titles, Counter-Strike: Offensive (CS:GO), League of Legends and Dota 2.

Each event is ranked by the number of fixtures taken in a given week, with a weekly update to be published each Thursday.

Through the Esports Directory, Bayes aims to become a central hub for all game titles, series and tournaments, and is looking to work with developers that want to collaborate to bring game metadata to a wider audience.
Bayes managing director Martin Dachselt explains that while traditional sports have a very defined and well-publicised calendar, esports tournament communications are “often a big mess”.

He points out that updates are often only published on social media, with web pages outdated, and no central place where the betting industry, media companies and fans seed all matches.

This lack of accurate information is not only very difficult for fans and media, but also for the whole industry, as they rely on the data.

This is where the Esports Directory comes in, by providing a central repository for metadata, with each and every company developing esports apps or websites, and every search engine able to access Bayes’ data. It already contains nearly 30,000 fixture data points per year.

“This allows the demand site to focus on their business idea and not to waste time on scraping web pages. Everybody is doing the same work multiple times, which is a redundant use of time,” Dachselt adds.

Scroll down to see the week’s fixtures, from 16 to 22 April.


This list is not yet exhaustive, and may be subject to change. Find out more about the Esports Directory here.

Bayes Esports Solutions is the go-to provider for the esports data sector - for data right holders, consumers and service providers alike. The Berlin startup has developed BEDEX, the world’s first independent esports data marketplace for In-game data.