Webinar: Virtual Games: offering unrivaled potential for players and operators around the world

23rd January 2020

Virtual games continue to grow into 2020 and are now a huge opportunity for operators and players alike across the globe. 

From Europe to Asia and in emerging markets such as the USA and, of course, Africa, virtual sports betting is proving to be a highly popular vertical for punters everywhere.

With the ability to provide players with constant fast-paced action and instant gratification through a variety of product offerings, the vertical is proving that it can offer players an experience that drives enough volume and traffic to compete with other ‘traditional’ gaming revenue streams. 

Ahead of ICE London, this webinar will discuss the growing success seen in various markets as the popularity of virtual sports continues to rise.

Bringing together leading operators, this discussion will looking at the reasons behind the appeal of virtual sports as well as looking ahead at the enormous potential for those looking to expand and diversify their product range with virtual offerings.


Brendan Bussmann, Director, Government Affairs, Global Market Advisors, LLC


Martin Wachter, CEO/Founder, Golden Race
Artak Danielyan, Head of Products, Totogaming Armenia
Dmitry Belianin, Chief Marketing Officer, Parimatch International

This webinar is sponsored by Golden Race