Webinar: PSD2 and strong customer authentication: What’s the cost?

29th October 2019

Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) is a major upgrade to European payments regulation, and it is bringing big changes to the way payments work across Europe. One of the biggest changes is coming in September 2019, with the introduction of mandatory Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for electronic transactions across Europe. This change will bring some great benefits, especially in helping to reduce fraud – but it also has the potential to increase friction in the shopper journey.

In addition, if merchants and the partners who support them are not ready for SCA they risk a material increase in declines after the September deadline.

This session covers:


  • An introduction to PSD2 SCA
  • What merchants, PSPs, and other partners need to do to comply with SCA and keep payments flowing seamlessly
  • What options are available to avoid performing SCA on some European transactions

This webinar is sponsored by Worldpay



Jonathan Dranko
Worldpay, Inc.
Job title:
Strategy Director, Global Enterprise eCommerce


As part of the Sales Enablement division of the Global Enterprise eCommerce division, Jon leads our go-to-market activities for everything relating PSD2 and Strong Customer Authentication. Jon and his team have directly supported hundreds of Worldpay customers to help them prepare for this big change, including dozens of the world’s biggest companies. His role includes the rollout of Worldpay’s new 3DS2 product (3DS Flex), as well as talking to our customers about Worldpay’s strategy to manage SCA Exemptions, through our new SCA Exemption Engine.

Jon has been at Worldpay for 3 years, and prior to his current role he has worked on M&A opportunities and developing our Digital Content and Gambling strategies. Prior to Worldpay Jon was a Senior Policy Adviser at HM Treasury in the UK, and before that he spent three years in management consultancy covering projects across Retail, Banking, Energy and FMCG.