Upcoming Webinar: Learnings from Fintech: how to make compliance your competitive advantage

27th February 2020
The gaming industry is facing three growing pressures. Customer expectations are accelerating. Regulation continues to tighten. And fraud is becoming ever more sophisticated.

Customer benchmarks are no longer just set by direct competitors, but by UX obsessed companies like Apple, Uber and Netflix. £19.7m total fines were given out in 2018 alone. And professionalised gangs are capitalising on repeatable exploits via mule accounts, while less-professional friendly fraudsters and bonus abusers look to collect easy money.

Identity is central to combating these forces. It can enable you to meet KYC/AML compliance and stop fraud in its tracks. If done right, it can also improve acquisition and user experience.

At Onfido, we’ve spent years helping Fintech giants like Revolut, Monzo and bunq balance these pressures in another highly regulated space, banking. We’ve helped Bunq effectively scale, allowing them to onboard x5 more users with the same operations team. And we’ve boosted the percentage of customers Revolut could successfully onboard by 12%.

In this webinar, James Hiller (Business Development Lead at Onfido) will be discussing how gaming can learn from other regulated industries—and turn compliance into a competitive advantage.

This webinar is sponsored by Onfido