Webinar: The Evolution of Virtual Sports Betting

19th March 2020
Over the last 10 years, virtual sports betting has evolved from a niche ‘add on’ for sportsbook operators into a valuable part of their ‘always on’ betting operations.

This change has been driven forward by a consumer demand for more – more innovation to suit advancing technology, more realistic game play, and more choice of games on offer and competitors available - which has created a buoyant global market place.

In this webinar we explore the ins and outs of virtual sports betting and the revenue streams it can deliver for your business.

Sportradar’s Frank Wenzig, Managing Director of Gaming, offers an in depth analysis of how the market has developed, the current opportunities for growth and the products available to drive consumer engagement.

The webinar will cover:

  • From a niche market to a multi-million business
  • Dimensions of business growth
  • From the data to the product – a brief insight
  • Customization & localization
  • Event length & availability