Webinar: COVID-19's impact on igaming - Strategic innovation key to success

28th May 2020

Join us on Thursday 28th May 2020 at 15:00 BST for our next webinar in collaboration with Digitain.

There has always been a lack of material differentiation and innovation in iGaming. It’s no secret that most operators struggle to come up product innovations that really move the needle. The industry’s existing technology and mindset has always been a roadblock for creativity and that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon. Just look across it - everything looks the same.

With the future of the sporting calendar uncertain due to COVID-19, innovating now is a real meaningful opportunity to boost competitiveness and drive consumer demand. However for those playing the finite game and competing against each other, of which there are many, they are likely to find themselves in survival mode, rather than reinvention mode. Here at Digitain, we’re asking ourselves two important questions;

  • How do we change to get through this challenging time?
  • How can we create the future?

Today’s tech startup scene has reached a new level in terms of product diversity, opportunity and markets, so we’re putting our energy into category creation and building new breakthrough products, to not only advance our position and capabilities in the iGaming industry, but also across other business sectors too.

Key takeaways from this webinar;

  1. Insight into how COVID-19 impacted our business and how we reacted to it
  2. Why we apply the infinite game mindset to our business
  3. Learn about our short, medium and longer term strategy, including our new Tech Start-up Hub, Digitown



This webinar is sponsored by Digitain