Webinar: Bonuses: a new age

22nd September 2020

Traditionally bonuses have been one of our industry’s most reliable engagement and retention tools. In recent years some industry commentators have argued that their effectiveness has lessened because they tend to attract low-value traffic and push down margins, while RG concerns have seen restrictions introduced in some regulated markets.

However, we are now operating in a new ‘data driven’ age and this session will look at how we can manage and consume our customers’ data in real time and how this can be leveraged to create dynamic and personalised bonuses.

We will discuss how they can help operators maximise the value of their bonus offerings, keep players engaged, increase retention rates and eventually generate substantial revenue uplifts through the use of data, all the time remaining compliant with the necessary regulations.


Aviv Sher, Director of Online Operations, Codere
Rostyslav Maikovych, Chief Data Officer, Parimatch
Harel Falk, Vice President of Sales & Business Development, Solitics

Curtis Roach, Clarion Gaming

This webinar is sponsored by Solitics


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