Want to run a successful gaming website: Learn why user experience and the right technology matters

28th October 2015

In this webinar Florin Darie, Senior Product Manager of EveryMatrix, will give insight into modern web technologies where user experience must be one of the main concerns for online gambling operators in today’s ever changing market. He will explain why the key in meeting operator’s needs is striking the right balance between fast delivery and affordable customization.

Targeting at decision makers from both startups and established businesses, the webinar gives operators the opportunity to increase business and technical understanding of what should be considered when starting an online casino/sportsbook website. Briefing about choosing the right front-end technology and the importance of user experience, Florin highlights why is important for future operators to set a focus on the user experience at all stages, from product design to implementation. Talking about modern day web architecture, Florin is further exploring the implication and brief about how content is delivered via APIs and how APIs work.

One of the key features for EveryMatrix’s next generation sportsbooks and casino platform, is the ability to fully build the front end specifically for each client, even letting our clients build - and own - the front end code themselves with minimal efforts. This allows a unique and fully tailored user experience and is the stepping stone for custom features based on user habits.

EveryMatrix is a leading award-winning iGaming software provider with products such as a fully managed sportsbook, a complete gaming and payment processing platform, and the largest casino content aggregator on the market. 


Florin Darie
Job title:
Senior Product Manager


Florin Darie joined EveryMatrix 3 years ago with a background in Product Management, Software Development, and QA Engineering. Since then he was involved in managing the mobile offering, building a new Content Management System, new Access Control System (a module that controls roles, permissions and accounts for all products), unifying our numerous back-ends under one roof, and managing EveryMatrix's efforts of creating a new and scalable front-end framework based on React that will help build complex and fast websites for our clients.