Video short: True omni-channel approach key to player retention

Gaming and betting operators will face increasing challenges when it comes to player retention unless they implement true omni-channel platforms and strategies, Tom Light, vice president of business development for SB Tech, has told iGaming Business. Speaking as part of the iGB Video short series, Light said his vision for omni-channel meant “providing the same level of content across all channels”.

He said different channels didn’t necessarily need to have exactly the same look and feel but should match in their level of service, whether they were retail or online. SBTech came later to market than many of its competitors, in Light’s view this gives it an advantage thanks to being an ‘omni’ platform from the start, whereas “most traditional companies will take an old retail solution and modernise the online solution”.

For Light this is a mistake as those companies will always work two separate solutions rather than a unified whole. “A real omni operator doesn’t separate revenues, they put the customer in the centre and allows them to journey and place the bet where they want, it is all about offering the best experience,” he explained.

He added that omni-channel players will have a higher lifetime value if they are playing across channels, but he also warned that being a true omni operator was not easy.

“The more omni you get the more you hurt your short term revenue. If you do similar pricing across retail and online, then in retail you are not profitable enough and online you aren’t competitive enough,” he said.

“If you do similar promotions, you are too aggressive in retail but not aggressive enough online, if you have a similar look and feel then you are answering different KPIs.”

However, he pointed out that “the more omni you are the more your brand loyalty will grow” and over the long term customers’ loyalty will translate into bottom line revenues for operators.

Light said that when looking at the industry, he felt that the older, legacy-bound platform suppliers were starting to lag behind their younger, more innovative competitors.

“We’ve seen a lot of changes, we see that the traditional B2B giants of the industry are becoming slower and slower, they must use M&A in order to grow and be creative.”

Watch the video to hear Tom Light talk about omni-channel, optimising mobile real estate, how data and personalisation can help prevent problem gambling, his outlook on the industry and the innovations SB Tech will be launching in 2017.