Video short: SkillOnNet's PlayOJO looks to new rewards strategy to attract players

Traditional online casino bonuses are not creating a good relationship between casinos and their players which is leading to a lot of "friction and tension”, Ohad Narkis at SkillOnNet, has told iGaming Business.

Speaking as part of the iGB Video short series, Narkis said SkillOnNet's latest platform PlayOJO had been developed to respond to the need for a new type of casino.

He said PlayOJO was formed from the belief that “players demand a different kind of casino, a casino that does away with the old traditional bonuses and gives them a very fair and transparent ability to control their money and play”.

SkillOnNet's latest release was developed following extensive market research, which led Narkis and SkillOnNet to the conclusion that the industry needed to rethink its bonus model.

“We have seen the industry changes around bonusing, even from a financial point of view, online casinos lure players in by giving them deposit bonuses which actually artificially inflates the eco-system for deposits which doesn’t always translate to the bottom line. In a regulated market this is challenging financially.”

He also mentioned the recent bad publicity from the UK Gambling Commission about bonuses in the context of social responsibility and said PlayOJO had done away with the old ways of working that had been criticised.

As part of its research SkillOnNet spoke with active players and found that one third of them of people didn’t believe in casino bonuses and were looking for an alternative.

It also found that 86% of players preferred money back on every bet placed as a reward over a variety of other options.

Narkis said the immediate future would see the company focusing on growth in the UK, “even though it is very crowded and competitive we believe that if we are successful in this market we will be able to succeed in other markets as well” and that it would combine TV and digital advertising to recruit players.

Watch the video to hear Ohad Narkis talk about the flaws with traditional casino bonusing, developing new casino reward systems, social responsibility, promoting a new platform and his outlook on what PlayOJO will be looking to achieve in 2017.