Video short: SIS product director Paul Witten explains how changes in consumer habits are opening new opportunities for sports betting businesses

Sports betting is becoming more immediate as players demand a user experience reminiscent of their favourite social media platforms, with instant access and instant wins, product director at SIS Paul Witten told iGaming Business.

“People have far shorter attention spans, so in the same way as they check Facebook, email and instagram, they’re now looking at betting in the same way,” Witten said.

Where customers were once confined to the betting shop, in the last 10 years the rise of digital devices and mobile betting has opened the gambling market to new, instantly accessible betting opportunities.

Witten highlighted greyhound racing as a sport that works particularly well as a short-form proposition, as well as being surprisingly successful internationally.

“It’s the most popular racing sport that there us in Spain and this is in retail, and increasingly online,” Witten explained.

“Because it’s simple, because it’s straightforward, people are in a shop looking for something to bet on and feel comfortable that they understand how this works. That makes it a more popular product than even the highest quality horse racing. So on a typical Royal Ascot day, Spanish operators will take more money on greyhound racing than they do on Royal Ascot – that’s how important it is”.

The fact that the races are repeated in quick succession also means that this kind of short-form betting also has tangible benefits for operators.

“For betting operators, that means you’ve got an engaged customer on your website, on a mobile device and an engaged customer, who is more active, is more valuable simple as that,” Witten said.