Video short: Quickspin: Focus on mobile, quality content and why it’s important to stand out

In the latest video short interview iGaming Business speaks to Mats Westerlund, co-founder and chief creative officer of Quickspin, to hear about the passion for slots that drives his company, why the future is very much about mobile and why getting the balance right between all the components that make up a game is vital.     

Online slots are a standard and must-have igaming product for operators, which is why standing out against the competition, developing strong content-led games and allowing players to immerse themselves in the game are all fundamental aspects of developing online slots products, says Mats Westerlund.

Quickspin has recently signed supply deals with leading Scandinavian operators such as Mr Green, Betsson and Casumo and for Westerlund, producing outstanding games has to be one of the stated aims of any supplier, but what makes a good game is also the “balance between every part of a game: sound, graphics, obviously mechanics (the maths behind it), features (...). They’re all almost equally important and getting the balance between them and putting effort into the every aspect of every game is really core”.

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The pace of a game also plays an important role in making it successful, while content and engagement have to be used the right way to make them effective.  “There are so many promotional tools out there that kind of work, but they’re not really tailored for the player,” says Westerlund.

“What we think is: what would the player like, what would keep the player playing? (As an example,) have free rounds that really work as a promotional tool but use them in a way where the player has something to say about it. So they can choose how many spins and what value they want. They can save them for later, so they don’t have to do it straight away, and promoting the good part of a game, (such as) sending someone straight into the bonus and helping the player get a feel for the game. I think those are core things right now, to think about the player first.”     

Quickspin has been developing games that operators have shown great interest in and 2016 will be all about mobile and “showing passion in producing games; we love slots, we play slots, everyone talks about slots in the company, we’re totally passionate about what we want to bring down into our core products and hopefully get the players as entertained as we are. I play the games quite a lot and they stand really well against the competition”.