Video short: Operators must harness power of data and open platforms to deal with higher regulatory and tax burdens

With increased taxation and regulatory burdens befalling the igaming industry in many markets, operators must make the most efficient use they can of the data at their disposal if they are to maintain margins and operate in the most optimised way possible, Michael Brady, chief executive of igaming platform specialist Bede Gaming, has told iGaming Business.  

Speaking as part of the iGB Video Shorts series, Brady said it was “evident that increased taxation and increased burden of regulation is putting more and more burden on operators, which in itself means they have to become more operationally efficient, and to be more efficient they have to lean on their platform”. 

Brady added that Bede Gaming focuses heavily on enabling operators to use data “to really refine their bonusing strategies and the way they treat their customers. I think that forms a big part of how they address the challenges of shrinking margins caused by taxation and regulation”.

A flexible back office allows Bede to configure deposit limits as opposed to hard code those limits, which means operators always looking for new game content can choose from the six to eight suppliers Bede brings on stream on its platform every year. “That allows us to say to our operators ‘you guys can choose, you have complete optionality around the suppliers you want to use’,” says Brady.  

When it comes to the current igaming market, Brady says “presently there are a number of tier 1 operators sitting on the same technology (as before), but unfortunately for them they’re not doing it on a single code base so they’re highly dependent on their platform being updated.

“At Bede we maintain an entirely multi-tenant platform, we have one code base, whenever a feature is released to our platform, that feature is technically available to all our tenants, which in itself allows us to have greater velocity.”

The key to achieving a good omni-channel offering resides in payments and unifying the online -offline experience. Brady explains: “With the Rank Group (a Bede client) we have a company with distinct channels, online and retail, and a real desire to try and bring them together. So customers who play at a Grosvenor casino can also go online and play all the same content.

“The more complex stuff comes around the wallet: single account is really big for our business, it’s really all about the mapping of wallets and allowing the Bede platform to sit as the master platform; and allow systems (from other suppliers) to talk to the Bede platform” to allow “customers to be identified and that allows you to do things like the bonusing experience, unifying loyalty, and a customer can play in a casino, enjoy a particular game and then be bonused against that game online. All these initiatives allow for a richer online experience across the piece so that an operator doesn’t need to be a ‘siloed’ online-offline experience. It can be one experience.”

Click on the video below to listen to Michael Brady’s views on how the power of data should be harnessed by the igaming, what the sector can expect in 2017 and how operators can truly differentiate their offerings thanks to Bede’s single code base.