Video short: Golden Race targets online with industry-first virtual sportsbook and mobile app

Golden Race is focusing its virtual sports betting solutions on the online market, developing on-demand mobile applications and its “first real betting platform with a virtual outcome”, Martin Wachter, chief executive of Golden Race, has told iGaming Business.

Speaking at the iGaming Super Show (iGSS), as part of the iGB video short series, Wachter said: “We made the first real betting platform online, which means we have multi-events and you can find all the different leagues. You also get the same look and feel, which is very important, as real betting.”

He explained that over the past two years the company’s focus had shifted from retail, which traditionally made up 90% of its business, to online virtuals.

Its virtual online betting platform has generated huge interest from bookmakers and Wachter highlighted that the company had started the first integration: “We have 200 on a waiting list up built over the past 12 months and the success has been unbelievable.

“With our widget system we are able to make the same page, like you have for real sports betting, so if you are player on the sportsbook you can move from one tab to another and you get the same game, and it looks like real sports betting,” he said.

Looking at mobile growth, Wachter said the company was “working very hard to get an on-demand solution where the player can decide when to play.

“We released our first mobile application with one of our key clients in the last year for two special markets in Kenya and Nigeria. It is the first mobile application on virtuals I have seen. We started with 200,000 tickets a month and we are now reaching two million tickets per day on a mobile application,”he added.

On Golden Race’s plans for exhibiting at ICE Totally Gaming 2018, Wachter promised: “Something is going to happen that you will not forget!”

Watch the video below to hear more from Wachter on Golden Race’s virtual sports mobile and online offerings, growth regions, new developments and new technologies.