Video short: esports – when live really means live, Eduard Blonk, managing director of sales, Betradar

Betradar’s partnerships with esports leagues and data specialists DOJO Madness, ESL and eziG have given it access to data that enables it to provide genuine live feeds to esports operators as events unfold, unlike competitors and other organisers who may delay coverage for sports integrity reasons, Eduard Blonk, managing director of sales at Betradar, has told iGaming Business. 

Speaking as part of the latest iGB Video short, Blonk said: “Live is not really live (in esports), and that is an important message that we need to give to the industry. A lot of the event organisers delay the signal going out of the event on purpose, to prevent cheating.”

Betradar recently closed the acquisition of Sportsman Media, a leading sports streaming specialist, Blonk said the acquisition has led to an extended audio visual portfolio: “We were targeting the off-peak events, whilst Sportsman covered the larger events – combining the two means that we now have over 35000 live events that we can offer to bookmakers.

“That is a huge impact as that is the biggest portfolio that you can find in the world today.”

Operators looking at externalising the risk for particular sports such as esports, tennis or ‘after hour’ sports (US sports) used Betradar, said Blonk.

He explained that the company had guaranteed margins for bespoke offers with operators, which meant they can see “where we can trade on their behalf and give them a fixed return which is often even better than what they can achieve with their own trading teams”.

Looking to the future Blonk mentioned the importance of virtuals: “We have a bespoke setup where an operator who runs a retail operation can choose how the screens are built up and how many screens to use in a betting store at any point in the day.”

Watch the video below to hear Blonk discuss esports, Betradar’s audio visual offerings, bespoke trading and the future of virtuals.