Video short: Bit8’s Lotto Hero to bring online lottery to a multi-operator audience

Bit8’s new lottery product Lotto Hero is set to attract those hard to reach millenials and “revolutionise the lottery product by making it modern and online”, Angelo Dalli, chief executive of Bit8, told iGaming Business in the latest instalment of the iGaming Business video short series.  

Lotto Hero was launched during ICE 2017 and will offer operators a pooled player-base that will enable them to offer players the chance to win €1m on the hour, every hour, 365 days a year, Dalli explained.

He added that traditional land-based lotteries were no longer appealing to millennials, who are used to instant gratification. “What we have done is identified a gap in the market that is appealing for millennials and effectively revolutionise the lottery product to make it modern and online,” he said.  

The lottery product is to run across different operators and Dalli emphasised: “For operators, it gives a lot of benefits, mainly they get commission on the sales structure and there is zero risk as we manage the jackpot under our own licence so it is completely risk free.”

“It gives them [operators] a tool to boost their acquisitions, to increase their retention, and it sits between the casino and sportsbook because it is an hourly draw.”

Dalli said that Lotto Hero appeals to people who want quick gratification as it is an hourly draw, but the timeframe is also long enough to build up excitement.

For operators Lotto Hero provides them with the opportunity to increase cross-selling: “Operators who work in multiple jurisdictions and across multiple channels can benefit as it is designed to be able to be scaled up.”

Ease of integration, design and set up were just some of the key features of Lotto Hero, Dalli added.

Lotto Hero donates 1% of its profits to charities chosen by its operator clients and Dalli said that players could also choose to be heroes and donate some of their winnings to charity.

Watch the video to hear Bit8’s Angelo Dalli talk about how to entice millennial players, integrating a multi-operator lottery, a special introductory offer for operators looking to host Lotto Hero and the 2017 outlook for the online lottery sector.