EiG 2017: Arcangelo Lonoce, head of business development Europe, Habanero

Habanero head of business development Europe Arcangelo Lonoce has set the record straight on his target market for 2018, saying that it is a misconception that the supplier set out to target Asia specifically.

He said performance had been strong in Asia, but that similar success had been replicated in other jurisdictions and that the plan is to target growth in western Europe over the coming year.

“I’ve noticed a bit of misconception in terms of where our target markets are and there are a few people out there who believe we are affectively targeting Asia with our content but that’s not quite true because our content is very diversified,” he told Clarion Gaming at EiG in Berlin earlier this month.

“We’re not really moving out of Asia, we had a fantastic couple of years in Asia and it will stay very important to us but we will also target western Europe”.

Lonoce was brought into his role earlier this month to target growth in western Europe. He has more than 15 years’ experience in product and player management and joined Habanero after five years at BetVictor.

“I’m personally convinced of the fact that the product will prove very strong in Europe, it’s a very diversified portfolio in Europe with different options for everybody,” he said.