Betradar at ICE London 2019

In light of the launch of their new data-driven automated marketplace ad:s, which is designed for sports betting operators, we spoke to Felix Geyr, MD of sports media at Sportradar at ICE London 2019 to discuss their validation process for the service, as well as the marketing challenges facing the industry.

Facing a competitive marketplace, differentiation in sports betting marketing is crucial, as is regional focusing and efficient customer acquisition and retention. Finding the best way to do this effectively and efficiently is becoming a priority for sportsbook providers.

Felix Geyr is responsible for managing the development of Sportradar’s Sports Media portfolio, which increase fan engagement for publishers and broadcasters using unique technology to empower the user experience. Felix also drives the company’s media portfolio into marketing inventory for betting operators to allow for better targeting and customer conversion.

To learn more about the product, read our interview with Geyr on the product here.