Upcoming Webinar: How to on-board at-risk customers to self-exclusion and blocking sites

11th December 2019
In this webinar, our expert speakers will discuss: 
  • Self-exclusion and blocking – what technology approaches are available and how can we define best practise?
  • What information do you need to share with RG suppliers in order for them to assess the impact of the tools you are using and how you can improve?
  • Understanding the data – what is the success rate of signups to these tools once an operator has clocked risk factors and intervened in a customer’s journey? What are the causes for this percentage being low?

Towards collaboration: How should operators be collaborating with RG suppliers for a better working relationship to get

1) this content presented effectively

2) at-risk players better identified and

3) a confirmed result (e.g. the player purchases and installs blocking software)