Webinar: Building an Esportsbook

5th December 2019
The business case for creating an esports offering is apparent – but how can operators bridge the gap between gaming and betting?

In this webinar, discussions will highlight the range of esports titles and their application to betting.

A crucial part of this transition will be integrity, whereby marketing and developing esportsbooks in an authentic way will allow operators to grow the revenue stream with endemic marketing and strategic partnerships.

The panel of expert speakers will also consider the need to build an authentic and reliable esportsbook, as well as identifying current solutions and methods to integrate esports betting.

This webinar is sponsored by SIS.

Tune in for this webinar to learn more about:

  • What esports titles that relate to betting
  • What are the current products and methods of integrating esports into your sportsbook
  • How to build a robust and authentic esportsbook
  • Different marketing approaches to engage with esport bettors
  • Measures to prevent fraud and retain margins