Under the hood of a software provider: Where is the army of 10,000 traders?

28th September 2016

The webinar masterclass series includes deep-dive training curated by experienced people with a focus on little-known things, concepts, real life business challenges and solutions to provide you with a thorough understanding of specific online casino and sports topics when dealing with a platform provider.

Get practical and helpful details on online sports and casino topics together with tips and tricks to increase player acquisition and retention, and measure your success. You can register for the full series here

Session one: Where is the army of 10,000 traders?

The first session of our webinar masterclass series, "Where is the army of 10,000 traders?", took place on Wednesday 28th September 2016 15:00 BST.

With thousands and thousands of sports events handled and with so many changing lines, the online sportsbooks are a testimony of the advancement of technologies.

In this session OddsMatrix CEO, Roee Weinberg, reveals what is under the hood of a sports platform and touches on important topics and little answered questions in the context of a sportsbook software. From how the odds are generated to day to day operations or dealing with special sports events.

Roee also gets technical when speaking on the subject of front-end customization that enables operators to offer a unique and differentiated gaming experience to their players. This is a must attend for future or present operators as sportsbook platforms continue to develop with new and innovative technologies that push the boundaries in the sportsbook market.

Below is a list of topics that Roee Weinberg will cover during this webinar:

  • Live Betting vs Pre match - why both are important.
  • Trading vs Supervisors (Automation vs Manual)
  • Settlement - The importance of fast settlement
  • How odds are generated?
  • How many employees are needed to run your sportsbook? Day to day operations
  • How easy is to add sports to an existing operator, what is needed?
  • Expected profit/margins
  • Fraud fixed games, odds movements and arbitrage
  • Building the front end
  • Markets offering and front end localization 


Roee Weinberg
Job title:
OddsMatrix CEO


Roee has over a decade of experience working in the online Betting & Gaming industry, with knowledge ranging from Sports Trading over Marketing to Product Development.

He used to work for Playtech and SBTech and has a proven track record of P&L achievement, managing teams to meet targets and develop market leading products within the Sports Betting Sector. Roee is passionate about improving product offering and creating the best possible customer experiences.