Under the hood of a software provider: Avoiding the pitfalls of unclear promises to players

5th October 2016

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Session two: Avoiding the pitfalls of unclear promises to players

The RNG is perhaps the most critical component of any slots game and that is why Doina Stefanescu, CasinoEngine CEO and Glen Bullen, CasinoEngine Sales Manager will start by revealing what the common misunderstandings about RNG are and how all profitable RNG games work with real world examples.

Then, they will dive into lobby management and touch on the subject of bonus segmentation. The session will end with a close look at one of the pain points of operating an online casino: coping with bonus abusers and keeping your image intact.

Online casinos offer players a variety of generous bonus and promotional offers which serve as an incentive for players to sign up at a casino and to keep them returning to the casino. Preventing bonus abuse is, therefore, crucial to maintaining your casino’s healthy profit margins.

Below is a list of topics that Doina and Glen will cover during this webinar:

  • Quick RNG intro
  • Lobby management
  • Bonus, segmentation and markets
  • Bonus abuse, game mechanics exploits


Doina Stefanescu
Job title:
CasinoEngine CEO


Doina joined EveryMatrix as Key Account Manager, before taking the position of Head of Account Management, she is currently Group COO and interim CasinoEngine CEO - all in the space of 4 years.

With a degree in Philosophy, and currently wrapping up an Executive MBA, she is a high powered individual with a penchant for efficiency, people management, and exceptional customer service. Her top goal right now is making the EveryMatrix CasinoEngine into the essential casino aggregator service on the market.

Glen Bullen
Job title:
CasinoEngine Sales Manager


Glen Bullen is a highly-experienced igaming executive who has been involved in the sector since 1999, holding a series of senior commercial roles in Vancouver, London, Singapore, Gibraltar and now Bucharest, where he has joined EveryMatrix as Sales Manager for the CasinoEngine vertical.