Under the hood of a software provider: Acquisition vs. Retention: Where to place your bet

18th October 2016

The webinar masterclass series includes deep-dive training curated by experienced people with a focus on little-known things, concepts, real life business challenges and solutions to provide you with a thorough understanding of specific online casino and sports topics when dealing with a platform provider.

Get practical and helpful details on online sports and casino topics together with tips and tricks to increase player acquisition and retention, and measure your success.

Session three: Acquisition vs. Retention: Where to place your bet

Attracting and retaining players has always been important. In today's online world, it is more crucial and competitive than ever. Players accept nothing less than immediate service, handled in context and in the moment.

Viorel Stan, JetBull CEO tells the story of a start-up operation from inception to success focusing on channels that are used the most for customer acquisition, the digital tactics that are effective for customer retention and what is the cost for both.

He will exemplify what the outcomes of these efforts are for JetBull and provide you with all the best practice, tips and tools you need to better measure your data and drive your own organisational development.

Below is a list of topics that Viorel will cover during this webinar:

  • Acquisition
  • Retention
  • Measuring success (Main KPI's)


Viorel Stan
Job title:


Viorel studied Marketing & International Affairs Master at the Romanian University, Financial Management & Capital Markets and recently finished an Executive Master in Business and Administration.

Despite his young age, he already has 7 years' experience in managing peoples & projects. Currently, he is the CEO of JetBull.com, a gaming & betting brand owned by EveryMatrix. Since Viorel took over, JetBull renewed its website, increased total acquisition by 50%, casino GGR by 20% and sports GGR by more than 100%.