Three Zynga executives exit as restructure continues

15 August 2013

Zynga has announced the departures of three top executives as new chief executive officer Don Mattrick continues to restructure the social gaming company.

According to the business news website, chief operating officer David Ko, chief technology officer Cadir Lee and chief people officer Colleen McCreary are leaving the company.

Mattrick said in a statement that the changes are being made in order to move senior executives closer to operations.

“We are taking layers out of the executive rank to get senior leaders closer to important product initiatives,” Mattrick said. “With that in mind, I have asked the leaders to sharpen their focus and properly densify talent to resource teams.”

The departures are the latest in a line of changes that have occurred since Mattrick replaced co-founder Mark Pincus as chief executive last month.

Mattrick, who also recently confirmed that Zynga would not be pursuing its online gambling plans in the US, said he is undertaking a top-to-bottom review of the company to see how it can improve its fortunes.

He added: “With the above in place, I believe that we will have the best chance to grow, build a world-class executive team and culture, establish cadence and really become committed to important priorities and opportunities for our long-term success.”

Meanwhile, three former Zynga employees from the firm’s defunct Germany studio have launched an educational games studio.

According to, the KidCore initiative will focus on early child development in deductive skills, spatial thinking, artistic development, dexterity, numerical thinking and music expression.