Technical Systems Testing 

21 August 2002

Technical Systems Testing (TST) is pleased to announce approval as an Accredited Testing Facility (ATF) in the jurisdiction of Alderney in the United Kingdom. The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) has formally approved TST to serve as a technically competent independent testing and assessment laboratory. TST will assist licensees with certification of Internet based gaming products and services for both initial and ongoing technical and operational compliance.

TST's Chief Executive Officer, Mr. John Cargnello, is delighted to be able to offer the manufacturers and suppliers in Alderney with the highest quality testing available today. Mr. Cargnello stated ' TST focuses on achieving compliance as quickly and efficiently as possible while developing trusted and long-lasting relationships between the Regulator, Operator, Software Provider and Testing Laboratory that ensure the needs and expectations of all stakeholders involved are met or exceeded.' Mr. Cargnello also stresses, 'All TST personnel continually review procedures to ensure that the quality, credibility, and reliability of TST's testing services is maintained and improved.'

Earlier this year, TST was listed back on the Roll of Suppliers in Victoria (Australia) after all ATFs were required to undergo rigorous re-accreditation under the Regulatory oversight of the Victorian Office of Gambling Regulation (OGR). Subsequent to this approval, TST is once again performing professional testing services for both Terrestrial (Land-based) and Internet (Interactive-based) gaming operators in Victoria.

TST continues its presence in the gaming industry as the most experienced ATF for Internet based gaming in the world, building on successful certifications such as in Australia and most recently Kerzner International Ltd. in the Isle of Man, Great Britain. With its headquarters operating out of Melbourne (Australia), TST also has offices operating Sydney (Australia) and Vancouver (Canada). Its well-established North American office continues to expand, and similar to the Australian offices, performs Terrestrial (Land-based) and Internet (Interactive-based) testing worldwide.

For further information on Technical Systems Testing Melbourne, or Technical Systems Testing Sydney, please contact Mr. John Cargnello (Director & Chief Executive Officer) or Ms. Desley Roberts-Wray (Director & General Manager - Victoria, Australia) via email or telephone at +61 (3) 9620 1277.

For details on TST Technical Systems Testing North America, please contact Mr. Salim L. Adatia (Marketing & Client Support Manager, North America) via e-mail or telephone at +1 (604) 873 5833.