Shadow blocking: the response of the igaming industry to the rise of ad-blocking

15th January 2016

iGaming Business hosted the "Shadow blocking: the response of the igaming industry to the riseof ad-blocking" webinar on the 14th January 2016 at 3pm with regular iGaming Business journalist Scott Longley.

The webinar covered ad blocking and how it relates to the iGaming sector. While operators, affiliates and other stakeholders have not been hit in a major way by ad blocking compared to traditional publishers, it is not to say that the sector is immune to ads blocking or shouldn't worry about it.

The webinar covered:

  • How extensive is the take-up of ad-blocking with the wider consumer?
  • To what degree is the online gambling industry affected?
  • What has the industry done to counter ad-blocking?
  • What does the rise of ad-blocking say about the online consumer?
  • How will the industry's marketing techniques adapt to the new environment?

This webinar is based on the latest iGaming Business report of the same title. If you are a subscriber of the Intelligence Centre, you can view the report here. Find out how you can become a subscriber of the Intelligence Centre and thus access the report here. Please note that this recording will be available for one week after the webinar, after which it becomes subscriber content.


Scott Longley


Scott Longley has been a journalist since the early noughties covering personal finance, sport, and gambling. He has worked for a number of publications, including Investor's Week, Bloomberg Money, Football First, eGaming Review and Gambling Compliance. He writes now for a number of online and print titles.