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14 July 2003

'Unhackable' Java download technology will blow open mobile gaming market and drive new data revenue streams for network operators

London, UK - 15 July 2003. ROK Corporation, a leading mobile gaming content and service provider, has today announced it has filed for the Global Patent for its secure Java-based mobile gaming download technology. The technology, which prevents players from hacking into mobile gaming and gambling applications to win prizes, promises to open up the market for Java-based mobile gaming and enable mobile network operators to accrue significant new data revenues.

'Downloadable Java-games have already provided mobile network operators with a new revenue stream via airtime to download and payments for the games themselves,' said Jonathan Kendrick, chief executive of ROK Corporation. 'However, the need for this content to be secure, especially as games which allow users to play for points, prizes or cash become increasingly popular, will be crucial to generate future revenue for mobile network operators.

Owning the Global Patent for the secure underlying technology positions ROK as an ideal mobile content partner.'

The market for Java-based downloadable mobile gaming is predicted to be worth $US 7 billion by 2008*, and ROK believes that content such as lotteries and casino-style games, where gamers have the chance to win prizes and money, will prove to be the most compelling and generate the biggest revenues. Security around this type of gaming is a key issue for Mobile Network Operators wanting to protect their brands and provide their customers with secure content.

When players download ROK's Java-based games, ROK's technology creates a replication. Then, when players upload the game to claim their prize it is referenced against the replication and if there is any sign that the game has been hacked, the claim will be made void.

Having already completed the initial emergency application, ROK has now applied for the UK Patent. Following this, the request for Patent will be forwarded to the Patent Co-operation Treaty (PCT) and then the US Patent Office. Once the application has been approved by these bodies, ROK will receive the Global Patent.

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*Source: Strategy Analytics, Mobile Gaming: Download Applications to Drive $7 Billion Market

(March 2003)

About ROK: ROK Corporation is a leading mobile entertainment vendor, providing cutting-edge technologies and services delivered via telephony, the internet and digital/electronic communications. ROK specialise in providing gaming and gambling portfolios.

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