Rogue Casinos Under Affactive Group- Unpaid Winnings and Other Issues

Jackpot Grand Casino, Grand Macao, Slots of Fortune, Winpalace Casino, Casino Titan, Golden Cherry, Slots Jungle, Begado Casino, WInPalacePlay Casino, May Flower Casino owned and operated by Netad Management are infamous casinos that you should avoid and stay away from.
 Going back to 2009 Daniel, a casino rep, joined the LCB forum, offering his assistance and help to all of our members. Soon after the topic was born, complaints started pouring in. The casino rep was responding promptly and everything seemed to be well functioning. What was the actual issue? According to their terms, the max cashout was $3,000 weekly. However, players kept receiving payouts in $500 installments which hadn’t been disclosed. Upon our closer inspection, it has been noticed that the rules were more or less the same for each of the casinos except Slots Jungle. Slots Jungle took the number spot with the number of unsatisfied customers. According to their terms, all withdrawals were to be paid in installments of up to $3,000 which the casino would decide on the basis of the player’s class. It was also stated that players would be informed once credited, as the casino reserved the rights to change payout procedures. T&C for other eight casinos, rule 18: "All withdrawals are paid in installments of up to $3,000. This is determined according to player class. This can take between 5-10 business days. You will be notified by email when we send out your winnings. Withdrawals and changes to payment instructions are subject to clearance by our Security Department. (Name of the casino) reserves the right to pay out higher winnings over a period of several weeks."  To cut the long story short, if a player with a greater amount of money would request a withdrawal, player would be given $500 and the rest of the amount was then returned to his account. It seems that VIP members as well were experiencing this issue.
Furthermore, due to ‘security checks’ that took up 90 days, players’ accounts were frozen and they could do nothing with their winnings. Their explanation was a claim of good intention and concern to prevent fraud and chargebacks. At first, the casino rep was very responsive. He was the only contact with the finance department. Only the complaints that had been made public were resolved successfully. Unfortunately, this did not last long.
In 2013, the trend continued. Complaints were filling the support thread and the casino rep stopped answering messages. LCB issued a warning sign to the whole group with the following description: Warning: Please exercise caution when playing at this casino. Slow and delayed payments combined with enforcing 90 days "security check" rule, which was, as we suspect, enforced to tempt players to reverse their withdrawals. Players are then being told they won't be paid because they haven't played enough recently??!! Reports from members include complaints for inexcusable long withdrawal delays and a customer support team that is not resourceful in solving issues. Withdrawal limits are unreasonable with a $500 max limit for most cases even though the terms stipulate “up to $3,000”. These terms are unclear and allow too much leverage to reduce the limits at any time. We advise members to use discretion when considering this casino until further notice.
Afterwards, LCB continued to monitor and still provide assistance to its members making sure that they got their winnings. The warning sign still gave them room for improvement, but was not met with any cooperation. Finally, due to all the facts listed above, they were blacklisted in 2014.
As a conclusion, we strongly advise you to double check on the regularities of a casino you want to play at and proceed with caution. The list of casinos with warning signs is at your fingertips, so don’t be lazy to check it first and start playing in a secure place.