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    David Foster, deputy general counsel, National Basketball Players Association, talks to iGB about how his organisation is working with the players in the labour union to ensure they are informed, protected and best set to realise the benefits of US-regulated sports wagering.

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    21 February 2019

    With the rising tide of populism putting many industries in the political firing line, the gambling sectors in Italy and Poland are unfortunately no exception. In Italy, the economy is showing signs of the business-bashing policies of the ruling coalition government, having slipped into technical recession the past two quarters. A far more positive outlook is found in Denmark, however.

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    20 February 2019

    Kambi Group’s review of the 2018-19 National Football League (NFL) season reveals that a strong product offering covering the league is crucial for operators looking to establish themselves in the nascent US sports betting market.



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    4 February 2019

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    If many operators had failed to realise that the freedom to advertise they currently enjoy in regulated markets needs to be wielded sensibly, they certainly do now.