The Bayes Esports data report 2020

4 June 2020

Esports data specalist Bayes Esports Solutions provides an overview of the current esports data market and the changes that are needed to help betting operators, media, fans and broadcasters better harness in-game information.

The report describes data as "the basis for creating value in esports". 

"Use of data needs to be understood, and correctly sold at value," Bayes explained. "Not just in terms of profit for the data consumers, but also in order for the value to flow back into the industry itself.

"Understanding that data also includes sponsorships and marketing is key here. We need to learn from the model of traditional sports and retain control of the value that data brings."

However, the supplier warned that the current data landscape left much to be desired, with only partial coverage available for most tournaments and games. Distribution, Bayes explained, was traditionally limited to exclusive deals and via third party products, with sources integrated from several people, systems and formats. 

"This not only costs time and effort, but it takes away convenience for the clients and time for product innovation," it said. 

The report sets out the key challenges facing all esports stakeholders in gathering fast and accurate data, as well as setting out the conditions that have to be met to ensure this can be achieved. iGB has provided an overview of the whitepaper here. 

Scroll down to read the white paper below, or download it here.