Remote gambling regulation: what causes black markets and how they can be prevented

18th August 2015

Black markets have always been a potential threat to both regulated markets and to jurisdictions that have adopted prohibition policies. The International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR), with the support of iGaming Business, is hosting a webinar to educate regulators on what causes them, and how best to prevent them.

A founding Partner of gambling consultancy Regulus Partners, Paul Leyland will be focusing his presentation upon the market, regulatory and fiscal causes of black markets in regulated jurisdictions and how they can be prevented, drawing upon European and US experiences. Paul will be available for questions.

Regulus Partners is a UK based strategic consultancy focused on international gambling and related industries, with nine Partners and consultants each bringing varied industry backgrounds and experience.

They work with large and small operators, start-ups, suppliers, governments and regulators. They have in-depth knowledge of international remote and land-based gambling markets, their participants, technology providers and regulatory frameworks and work with the Gambling Commission. 


Paul Leyland
Regulus Partners
Job title:
Founding Partner


Paul was an Equity Analyst in the City for over 10 years working for a number of investment banks and was among the first to be focused on the gambling sector. He then moved into the gambling industry, as Corporate Development Director for leading gambling company William Hill, advising on retail strategy, regulatory issues, the racing industry, supply chain management, and mergers and acquisitions. Paul co-founded Regulus Partners in 2013.