Real-time approaches to fraud and social responsibility

9th June 2017

The regulators are clamping down on fraud and self-exclusion processes employed by operators. It seems for once that this is a game they can’t win. But, can big data and predictive analytics solve the problem?

DeltaDNA CEO Mark Robinson will discuss how in-game data can be employed to address two of the industry’s thorniest topics, to keep the regulators, players and operators all happy.

Attendees will learn:

  • To identify at-risk players through their behaviour
  • Specific approaches to avoid self-exclusion
  • Ways to employ real-time player interventions
  • How to mitigate fraud before cashing-out


Mark Robinson
Job title:


Mark Robinson co-founded deltaDNA in 2010 and has over 20 years’ experience in data mining. DeltaDNA supports social responsibility and fraud prevention in real money gaming through real-time player interaction, triggered by big data analysis of in-game player behaviour.