Problems With a Casino? Submit Your Complaint With LCB!

If you have problems or issues with online casinos that you can't resolve on your own, we have just the solution for you. Our mission has always been to keep gamblers safe and help them avoid unscrupulous operators and harmful groups. While there are many ways we accomplish this challenging task, the most direct form of help is for us to contact casinos on players' behalf. Despite warnings and all the information we publish on the site, sometimes gamblers will encounter issues when playing online and fail to resolve them on their own. It is precisely for this reason that we created the Direct Casino Support section on the board, and within it we also have the Player Complaints section - this sub-forum is meant specifically for addressing issues with casinos that do not have an official representative registered on the board. Even if a particular casino you're having problems with is not listed at LCB, you can still submit a complaint with us and we will try our best to help you.

This system has been very successful so far, with thousands of complaints we managed to resolve in a manner favorable to players, securing for them almost $2 million of their loses back. Most of the complaints we receive concern unpaid winnings, or payouts that take unreasonably long to process. From time to time we also hear various other issues such as voided bonus winnings, terminated accounts due to alleged bonus abuse or penalties resulting from terms and conditions breach. As most active gamblers know, T&C can be complicated to read and comprehend, but they are nevertheless necessary to get to know well before even registering an account at an online casino. This is first and foremost players' responsibility and we can never repeat this fact enough. If the rules of a casino you intend to play at do not seem fair, than the best course of action is to find another place to enjoy games. The same can be said about bonus T&C - these can be well hidden and if the info you have on your disposal seems insufficient, it is wise to check with the support or ask about it here at LCB. If the intent of a casino is to con players and take their money away by cheating them, there is very little we can do about it after the deed is done. 

Before posting in this section is allowed, there are some rules we needed to incorporate in order to avoid confusion and repeated ungrounded complaints. First, players should make sure that they did not violate house rules, bonus rules or any other requirement before deciding to file a complaint. After you've made sure the issue is not on you, try to contact casino support and see if they can do something to help you. If this doesn't work out, only then can you relate the problem to LCB. Search for the official representative in the Direct Support thread, and if there is no rep or thread for the casino you're having issues with, then you are free to post in the Complaints section and leave us your casino user name. Following these simple steps is especially important, since they help cut back on the time we would otherwise spend determining whether a complaint is valid or not. Make sure to explain your issue clearly and as it happened. We will then contact the casino and discuss the matter with them. 

Depending on a casino, there may be a while before they address our inquiries, sometimes not responding whatsoever. This is, unfortunately, most often the case with rogue websites that are not interested in being fair to players in the first place. With all others we had no problems mediating and solving the problem quickly and efficiently, so that both sides end up satisfied. The most we can do with unresponsive operators is to place them on the LCB Warning list  for everyone to avoid. So keep yours eyes open, gamblers, and if that is not enough, LCB is here to remedy the situation for you.