Top 5 Online Casino Operators In 2016

25 February 2016

The online gambling landscape is changing as more and more operators focus on mobile development and innovative ways to attract potential players. As a result, the best online casinos look and behave differently than they have in years past. The research done in 2015 might prove pretty much irrelevant in 2016 as many online casinos come up with upgraded software and new tough-to-beat promotions. Still, this doesn’t mean the major operators are in danger of losing their market share, they are still locked in but some new competitors are breathing down their necks. Who are they? Here is the short list of top online casinos for 2016:

5. Casumo
Casumo is definitely one of those new operators who are growing fast thanks to their innovative approach to online casino gaming. Launched in late 2012 as part of the NetEnt Network, Casumo gained a strong following in Scandinavia and lately they are growing in the UK as well. One might ask himself, Why? The most important aspect revolves around the platform: it is user-friendly and interactive. When you start playing on Casumo, the sense you get is that you have started an adventure, level up and collect different trophies and yes, even rewards like free money and branded merchandise. Also the way you collect bonuses and incentives is pretty unique: instead of shiny welcome bonuses for new players and a gradual scale down, at Casumo your bonuses will increase as you accumulate more and more playing time at the online casino.

4. 888Casino
Launched two decades ago when the dotcom boom was just starting, remains one of the top online casino operators on the web. One of the main reasons is diversity, you can play over 270 games ranging from table games and video slots to real-time live casino. The exclusive, one-of-a-kind promotions are also something to keep in mind: free money, welcome bonuses and special VIP treatment for premium players. You can also find different special deals every day of the week and take a shot at becoming the next 888 millionaire. And yes, you can play 888Casino on the go by downloading the app.

3. LeoVegas
LeoVegas is one of the first mobile-targeted online casinos out there. The operator has come a long way since early 2012 and now it can claim the title of ‘King of Mobile Casino’. The mobile frenzy in the recent years gave them a significant boost in both revenues and traffic and as a result is now in the prestigious list of top 10,000 worldwide web sites, according to Alexa, and top 1,000 in the UK. And the operator also set a new record for the largest slot machine jackpot ever won on a mobile device, a staggering €5.6 million.

2. William Hill
WIlliam Hill is still king although the latest business report showed some disappointing bottom line results for the business. Nevertheless, the casino operator rules the gambling landscape as it has recently moved fairly close to the top 1,000 sites worldwide and top 100 in the UK. Luckily for them, William Hill doesn’t have to do all the dirty work to maintain that position, they now have plenty of subsidiaries to work with. Subsidiaries like Euro Grand, have plenty of fun games to offer - 200+ to be exact - not to mention lucrative bonuses - up to the third deposit, free spins included - and exclusive promotions for VIP players.

1. Ladbrokes
Ladbrokes is set for a major merger this year with Coral so don’t be surprised if the gambling operator comes out on top as 2016 progresses. As of now, the web site at is in the top 10,000 worldwide and top 300 in the UK. And if the merger with Coral is successful, we might witness a quick ascent to the top. Already, the online casino has very lucrative bonuses - including second-time and third-time deposit bonuses, great rewards for the VIP customers and plenty of casino games to choose from (over 290).This is a casino operator that definitely worthy of the first place at  top 10 best online casinos list.

As it stands, few can challenge the offering from Ladbrokes if we take into consideration all the factors - traffic, software, and game diversity and player incentives.