Sportito launches ChatBot

6 March 2018

Sportito Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) has become the first DFS provider to introduce a Chatbot, designed to simulate intelligent conversations and actions over the internet.

The expert IT team at the Sportito platform have developed this innovative robotics system, allowing users to play on Sportito directly via Chatbot.

It will support users by providing instant information and solutions to their problems, allowing them to receive personalised messages, news, videos to enjoy a personalised gaming experience 24/7.

Sportito Chatbot first went live on Facebook Messenge. More than 1 billion people are using Facebook Messenger every month and almost all Sportito users are active on Facebook.

According to industry experts, Chatbot represents the future of customer service. A recent study shows that new generations feel more comfortable in an automatic conversation system; 60% of them constantly use it, 67% of them use it to buy a product or service, they spend an average of 30% more and it has a conversion rate 10 times higher.

A study from Transparency Marketing Research illustrates a strong increase in the turnover generated worldwide by Chatbot, from $113 million in 2015 to $994.5 million by 2024.

Another study done in 2016, by Tractica, shows that the turnover will increase to almost $37 billion by 2025.  

Sportito, owned by ASAP Italia, was founded in 2016 and official partnership deals were signed with three English football clubs in the Premier League and Championship; Burnley, Fulham and QPR.

Fans from clubs can enjoy the ultimate user experience with Sportito Chatbot. Riccardo Mittiga, CEO of Sportito, said: “Sportito Chatbot is an effective tool to engage with our users and millions of fans from our partner football clubs.”

He added: “Innovation is one of our main focus in making Sportito the best Daily Fantasy Sports provider”.

Sportito offers DFS with more profit and fun than traditional fantasy sports. Players can play and win real cash prizes every day, without waiting for a whole season to finish.

The team behind Sportito, consists of IT experts like Paolo Farinella and Alexei Goloubtchikov who has previously worked with top companies like Amazon and Ebay, and is working hard to improve the platform according to user preferences and to keep up with technological advancements.

The goal is to make it easier for the user and to get the ultimate DFS experience from Sportito.

To try this service, you can click here and simply type 'Hi' to start the conversation.