SportAD reports strong initial results from launch of NFL, MLB and world soccer fantasy sports contests.

27 September 2017

SportAD, the B2B sports gaming provider for regulated US markets, is reporting excellent initial results from the launch of their NFL, MLB and World Soccer fantasy sports contests.

“We’ve been running above all of the key performance metrics we projected,” Joe Brennan, SportAD’s CEO said “Simply said, people are playing our real-money games at a high rate, and those games are being operated at the industry’s best profit margin.”

The level of re-engagement by players is even more remarkable, Brennan said, when considering that it has been for the most part organic growth of game play, coming ahead of planned marketing pushes, and ahead of player bonuses and retention offers.

“That tells us that our games are really resonating with players,” Brennan said. “Our simpler, faster versions of fantasy sports contests give players a better opportunity to win, while also broadening the appeal of fantasy sports for casual sports fans.”

Brennan pointed toward early results in New Jersey’s regulated gaming market as key indicators of success.

“Our team has done an excellent job of managing our contests profitability across all sports,” Brennan said. “We’re holding above the 35% margin we projected at the outset, and with the NBA and NHL beginning their new seasons in October, we’ll have more daily sports to increase our volume.”

Brennan said that players are entering multiple fantasy sports contests at a time, at higher than average entry fees for fantasy sports.

“Our ‘FastFantasy’ games allows players to make their own entry in one minute. We saw one fantasy operator touting players’ ability to complete an entry in ‘10 minutes’. Really? In the same amount of time, our players can make 10 separate entries.”

“Our contests offer the simplicity associate with sports betting, but created on a fantasy sport format that makes it legal to play nationally. Our games are entirely compliant with federal and state law regarding fantasy sports.”

“Given that players are able to set their own entry fee, it’s been remarkable that 75% of all entries are for $5.00 or more. In addition, the percentage of entries made for $100.00 or more has been very high.”

SportAD developed their patent-pending “FastFantasy(™)” game for the regulated US gaming sector, for licensed casino, track and lottery operators looking to enter the growing daily fantasy sports (DFS) market.

The company developed its proprietary sports analytics and matchup-based gaming platform to be white-labeled to partners’ branding specifications, as well as integration into operators’ gaming platforms.

SportAD’s game is the first licensed provider of fantasy sports games integrated for mobile, online and retail.

SportAD recently launched its first partnership with Resorts Digital Gaming in New Jersey, in that operator’s licensed “ResortsCasino” real-money, web and mobile offering, as well as a stand-alone, DFS-only version of the game branded “FastPick”.

“We’re fortunate to start with a great partner in Resorts,” Brennan said. “They have a reputation for innovation and new gaming content, as well as working with big brands like PokerStars and Mohegan Sun in the online space.

"We’re really looking forward to what this partner in this key market can accomplish by offering a legal and regulated real-money sports game to their users.”

SportAD is headquartered in Washington DC, with teams in both Las Vegas and the UK. The company is venture capital-backed, with Raptor Group (Boston Celtics, AS Roma, Fnatic) as its largest early investor.