RTG launches RTG Asia 天地

5 February 2018

There’s an insatiable appetite in the Asian market for new games, new bonuses, new ideas. Every operator has the major players, naturally. And players expect it. But how do you differentiate yourself amongst the oversold and ubiquitous --although often very good -- content out there?

Enter RTG Asia, 天地,  a new Chinese brand focused on serving the Asian market with new content and a powerhouse team lead by Charlotte Tang, RTG Asia’s CEO.

“Everything is turning into a commodity in this market. Players can’t tell one brand from another based on their homepages," Tang says. "Cover up this one’s logo and it’s another’s home page. We’re bringing new products, and new ideas, to the Asian table, at last.”

RealTime Gaming (RTG) launched in 1998 and remains a world leading online casino software company, providing content and total casino solutions in the world’s most competitive markets. Literally millions of players have experienced RTG’s classic Achilles, and millions more are enjoying the over 300 games and game variations across all platforms.

While much of RTG’s added value comes from an innovative back end that helps operators properly classify players, change games RTP and provide innovative bonuses that don’t burn operators or players, it’s the new games that are now getting Asian operators’ and players’ attention.

“We’re competing with the big boys,” Tang said. “Successfully, I’m happy to say! We have a wider range of volatility, jackpots, interesting features and bonus strategies that are really unrivalled in any market.”

A new deal with none other the international superstar (and super nice guy and as funny as you'd imagine, by the way) Jackie Chan is opening new, exclusive doors for RTG Asia. Fantasy Mission Force featuring Mr Chan was recently released and quickly jumped to the top of the most-played list.

RTG Asia’s goal is to NOT provide “a one size fits all” for operators in this market, but customizing games for the region, exciting and engaging players in their language, with symbols and meaning that they resonate to.

You think it’s an accident that there are animated fireworks in the background of the new Fu Chi? No, they’re there to keep Nian away, keeping crops and children safe… and making players luckier in the Year of the Dog.

“No one in Asia has games like these. Of course we have classic casino themes from Egypt to the Aztecs, but it's our new games specifically designed to appeal the Asian market, such as Fu Chi, celebrating the Year of the Dog and wishing luck, prosperity, happiness on every spin of the reel, that are the must-see games of 2018. We know what make Asian slots players tick, and we’re building our games appropriately.”

Consider Cash Bandits and Cash Bandits 2, its sequel. A medium volatility, 5 reel video slot whose jackpot never gets above four figures… because players keep winning it.

And a disruptive feature, a game within a game, a safe-cracking game, that players say is the most exciting diversion from slot play that they ever seen. Everyone one loves more free spins and higher multipliers, but from a pure entertainment perspective, Cash Bandits and CB2’s feature cracks it for players worldwide.

“RTG’s been in the game for 20 years as of this year,” Tang says. “It’s about time they put some serious effort on bringing their experience and expertise-- from BI tools to bonusing innovations to AI-based targeting of players that maximize players lifetime values--to the Asian market.

RTG Asia can deliver just these Asian-focused and also globally popular games now, for the first time. Or a complete turnkey solution for operators that gives them more control over RTP and bonuses than any rival platform. “We’ve got 20 years of experience in gaming behind us,” says Tang,
“but we and our early adopters feel like kids in a candy store in Asia.

"The players love the games, operators enjoy working with a globally experienced team, and in a world of ‘me-too’ offerings, we’re excited about bringing our products to this great and still emerging market. As my North American partners say, ‘you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.’”