Powering live casinos with live stream technology

12 November 2018

Oliver Lietz, CEO and founder at nanocosmos, addresses some of the key pain points businesses face when integrating interactive live streaming services into businesses.

We have been seeing land-based casinos going live for years and attracting players from all over the world. To achieve low latency, igaming platforms had to rely on specific technologies like Flash or complex in-app features. As a result, the user experience was very limited and complex.

Due to the lack of Flash support by the major browsers, and the increasing demand for seamless technology and mobile devices compatibility, the industry had to move forward and look for a suitable replacement. With the development of HTML5-based technologies, the experience of a live game remains interactive and now available on any smartphone, tablet or desktop.

The deployment of HTML5 technologies has created several new business opportunities, and the industry is taking off once again.

The advantages of interactive live streaming

One difficulty interactive live streams encounter is the need for ultra-low latency, meaning around one second glass-to-glass. Several live streaming applications often ignore it, creating latency values of 10 seconds or more.

Newer technologies can keep the latency as low as one second around the world, even on mobile devices, addressing the needs of new players and creating opportunities.

In live streaming, latency is influenced by all components in the workflow: the camera/encoder, upstream network, streaming server, downstream network, or video player on the player side. However, the biggest challenge to reduce latency lives in the downstream network and in the player side.

nanoStream Cloud & H5Live Player were developed to truly minimise the latency for interactive use cases as igaming. By having full control over your workflow, nanoStream Cloud avoids issues caused by mix and match of vendors and technologies that could increase latency. At the same time, H5Live Player is based on the unique protocol H5Live, which ensures ultra-low latency of around one second all over the world. This combination gives you a bullet-proof live streaming workflow for your live casino.

Ensuring that video streams are able to reach players on any device is another great challenge. With the diversity of smartphones, tablets and desktops available, your live stream must be capable of reaching your global audience. Your players can be everywhere, on any device and you definitely don’t want to miss any of them.

nanoStream Cloud & H5Live Player will allow you to reach mobile devices and still keep ultra-low latency. Through its browser-based playback technology, your players won’t need plugins to access your streams and will be able to do it from any device in one click.

nanoStream Cloud & H5Live Player work as a powerful ULL (ultra-low latency) CDN with POPs (points of presence) in different regions, bypassing any geographical distance and audience size limitations. It is important to highlight that the CDN itself won’t help you achieve great latency values. nanoStream Cloud & H5Live Player ensure minimal latency by combining a powerful CDN with the innovative H5Live technology for delivery and playback. nanoStream Cloud is a unique Live Streaming platform which provides cloud-to-player integration as a service.

You can test nanoStream Cloud & H5Live Player here.

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Oliver Lietz is CEO of nanocosmos and an expert in interactive live streaming. Having founded nanocosmos in 1998, Lietz channels his background in video R&D for video/audio coding and streaming for the broadcast industryinto addressing some of the key challenges customers face when integrating video technology.