Fifth Appearance in G2E Asia 2017

6 April 2017

BBIN will participate in G2E Asia for the fifth consecutive year, after joining the world's most iconic gaming exhibition ICE in London as Asia's leading iGaming software supplier in February; BBIN will once again showcase its concept "Best Bet of ASIA" at the annual Asia big shows. This is to showcase the three competitive advantages of BBIN with respect to its brand, services, and technology as the preferred strategic partner when entering the market.

Booth design for this exhibition will continue to use the brand's signature red color to represent the Far East, supplemented with ink embellishments to symbolize BBIN's leading position in the market, as well as its control of market channels in Asia and its steady operations. Through the physical navigation device and hands-on product demonstrations at the booth, visitors quickly understood the four product advantages and two best service packages. As a leader in Asia, BBIN not only provides customers with the most valuable market information, it also possesses powerful hardware and software development teams to integrate the industry's latest technologies to help clients expand their businesses.

BBIN has over 20 years of experience in Asia's gaming market. For more information, please visit stand 1609 during G2E Asia (5/16-5/18).