BetConstruct launches Jackpot Engine

5 December 2018

With the view that choice and variety lays at the heart of real appeal to players, BetConstruct has introduced a new tool in order to improve player experience. The company has come up with Jackpot Engine, allowing operators to charge every spin their players make in their casinos with the excitement of hitting the jackpot.

“The simple concept of our new tool will turn out to be a game changer," says Edgar Mkrtchyan, gaming group product manager of BetConstruct. "For our partners, Jackpot Engine is a way forward in the increasingly diversifying world of casinos where players come for life-changing spins.”

Jackpot Engine randomly triggers a jackpot for any set of BetConstruct’s third-party integrations within the company’s gaming catalogue of 5,000+ slots. It also can provide up to ten different jackpot levels, displayed in the casino lobbies and inside the games on all channels like web, mobile and native apps. With jackpots featured in our Casino Suite, operators can have the overall average bet increased in their casinos. As wagers go higher, there is a fair chance to win the biggest jackpot pool. Consequently, the rush for it will affect the average bet across the platform.