Asia Live Tech welcomes Cambodian casino boom

16 November 2017

Developer Asia Live Tech (ALT) has dubbed Cambodia “the future of casinos” as it links up with Lucky Ruby Casino & Resort to offer operators access to the developers games.

Cambodia issued 79 casino licenses in 2017 and ALT said the country brought in $8bn of income for casino operators in 2015, with the government collecting just $100m taxes over the same period.

“Gambling has been a long tradition in Cambodia, from card rooms to lotteries and sportsbooks such as boxing matches, meaning the market is already ripe and created for residents and non-residents alike,” the company said.

Located between China and India, and near thriving economies such as Vietnam and Thailand, with Japan, Korea and Australia only few hours away, Cambodia is rising as the country to be in the region for all avid gamblers.

Alt said the jurisdiction offered an alternative to Macau for customers looking for “a good time in a different, wilder environment where everything is possible and money is welcome”.