1xBet market focus

14 September 2018

1xBet is known for its wide range of markets and great selection of special markets and events. In this article, we'll look at a few markets of particular interest.

1. “Player vs Player” and “Player vs Team”
You can now bet on a player to score more goals than the whole opposing team. It is also possible, as another option, to bet on a player to score more goals than a particular player of the opposing team. Let’s say Morocco is playing Portugal. You can place a bet on Cristiano Ronaldo to score more goals than the whole Moroccan team. Pretty cool, right?

“Team vs Player” and “Player vs Player” bets are accepted on regular time before the start of the match. The following outcomes are available for betting: Player to win, Draw, Team (or the other player) to win, Total, Handicap, etc.

Bets on a player will win if the specified player scores more goals than the whole opposing team.

Bets on a team will win if the opposing team scores more goals than the specified player.

Bets on a draw will win if both team and player (or both players) score an equal number of goals. For example if, in Morocco vs Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo scores the same number of goals as the whole Moroccan team.

2 Bet Builder
Bet Builder enables you to combine several bets into one with the best odds. The following markets are available: Match Result, Double Chance, Total Goals, Correct Score, etc.

The most important thing to remember is that opposing bets cannot be placed in the same bet slip.

Your bet can win only if all events in the bet slip win.

3 Markets on specific actions by specific players in the match
Bets are now available on a specific event to happen in a specified minute. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo to score a goal in the 15th minute of the match.

Besides the standard markets on corners, bets on which team will take more throw-ins are now available.

4 Markets on offside
You can place standard pre-match bets on offside, as well as more unconventional ones. There's even the option to bet on Goalkeeper To Be Sent Off.

Make the most of this great opportunity to test your luck and place bets on your favorite teams with the help of our new special markets!