Pre-Live Betting Solution

Swissbet is glad to offer its universal built-in pre-live betting system for sports data import from the leading providers like Betradar, Betting Promotion, Don Best, and others based on regional customer requirements.
Swissbet pre-live betting solution forms an integral part of its Gaming Platform and is smoothly integrated into Online Sportsbook, Mobile Betting Platform, Betting Shops and other Swissbet products. It is also delivered in combination with the custom manual data import system designed for creating any type of custom event and market as needed. Combined with the sophisticated risk management and limit functionality, the pre-live betting scripts by Swissbet help to secure your business and maximize the revenues.
Our pre-live betting product has been designed as a complete solution for both the bookmaker and the player. Being delivered alongside highly efficient technical support, the pre-live data import solution by Swissbet ensures top-quality betting experience for all customers.
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