PG Soft at ICE 2019 exhibition

11 January 2019

Founded in 2015, PG SOFT is comprised of senior Hollywood film and television producers, Oxford and Cambridge University Mathematical experts, as well as an Asian online product team that has more than 10 years of R&D experience. Currently, PG SOFT has grown into a strong team of more than 200 employees. With its team, PG SOFT has developed numerous and exquisite games to date.

PG SOFT has always been committed to creating innovative and diverse games for its players. To achieve this, the PG SOFT team has travelled abroad many times to collect reference materials. PG SOFT feels its team's artisan heart shows through the game details, as the graphics effects, character designs, style or sound effects are all unique and refined. In addition, in order to allow players to play PG SOFT's games anytime anywhere, as well as provide players with a smoother and better gaming experience, PG SOFT developers are constantly researching artificial intelligence and sophisticated heuristics, hoping to innovate them through high-end technology and powerful games.

Furthermore, PG SOFT has also made many developments in 2018. In order to enable players from all over the world to enjoy PG SOFT’s games, PG SOFT officially announced the addition of multiple languages and currency options for their games last year. Currently, PG SOFT’s games support up to 21 languages and 41 currencies, making them more accessible for players from non-English speaking countries. Not only that, PG SOFT also introduced the Free Game and Bonus functions, which allows operators to develop effective marketing solutions based on different requirements.

Succeeding the games on display on ICE show in 2018, PG SOFT will also showcase a number of new works for a trial launch at this year's ICE show. The visitors at the exhibition will be able to experience PG SOFT’s games after the trial launch. PG SOFT will be waiting for you at the N7-436 booth at the ICE 2019 Annual Exhibition!