Optimove iGaming Pulse - August 2020

8 September 2020

August saw the final rounds of the Uefa Europa League and Champions League take place, bringing the European football season to an end following long delays. Find out below how this affected sports betting metrics, in the latest edition of Optimove's iGaming Pulse.

In addition, the report covers casino players’ gaming activity, at a period when the vertical has traditionally seen a lull in play.

Sports KPIs

Average deposit amount
The average deposit amount increased by 8% month-on-month and by 28% year-on-year, rising to €40 per player. At this time last year, the major leagues were in their off-season, hence the significant year-on-year growth.

If we look closely at France, we can see players' average deposit amounts were higher – perhaps due to players betting on their country’s team, Paris Saint-Germain, which made it to the Champions League final for the first time. Sadly, PSG lost to Germany’s Bayern Munich.

Monthly deposits
The average number of monthly deposits for sports bettors decreased by 4% compared to July, though increased 12% compared to August 2019.

This means that players deposited higher amounts, but on fewer occasions – not necessarily making them more valuable players, but still useful to know so that you can market to this segment of players properly.

Net gaming revenue per player
There has been a decrease in average revenue per active player during August, of 7% month-over-month, and a 7% increase year-on-year, to €80 per player.

Retention rates
Retention rates for sports bettors have slightly increased, up 2% from July. However, retention rates are down 4% compared to the prior year.

Conversion rates
Conversion rates remained unchanged from July. However, there is an evident increase of 10% year-on-year, to €43.

If we look closely at both conversion and retention rates in Germany, for instance, we can see that both KPIs have increased. Especially, retention rates that are up 19% month-on-month – showing that many players got in on the action during the Champions League finals.

Casino KPIs

Average deposit amount
The average deposit amount for casino players remained the same month-on-month, and increased by 17% year-on-year, to €35.

Monthly deposit per player
The average number of monthly deposits per player in August decreased by 1% compared to July (almost no change) but were up 15% from August 2019, to 9.2 deposits per player. 

This could be related to the fact that summer is generally a quieter time for online casino - stay tuned for the reports into Autumn and Winter to see how this evolves.

Monthly revenue
The average net gaming revenue per active player in August, increased by 4% month-on-month and by 13% from the prior year.

Retention rates
Retention rates remained the same both sequentially and year-on-year.

Conversion rates
Conversion rates remained the same compared to July, at 41%. However, although we see no changes during summer months – July and August – there has been a 28% year-on-year surge.

In comparison to last year, where no shelter-in-place restrictions were in place, casino numbers were lower overall, as you can see in all KPIs.

Mobile bet rates
At Optimove, this is calculated by the total mobile bet amounts in August divided by the total bet amount during the same month.

We can see an increase of 2% month-on-month and by 22% year-on-year, now standing at 60% – providing further evidence that more and more players bet on mobile platforms.

Stay tuned for Optimove’s next iGaming Pulse report, due out early October.

About iGaming Pulse:
iGaming Pulse is an industry benchmark tool for the gaming sector. iGaming Pulse enables gaming operators to accurately assess their overall performance against industry-wide key performance indicators.

Its figures are updated on a monthly basis. It enables gaming operators to gain a clearer understanding of how their KPIs compare against the rest of the industry, broken down by geography and game type. This type of data, which is made publicly available for the first time, provides operators with the ability to conduct comparative analysis and derive insight into how their performance compares with industry averages.

iGaming Pulse comprises of data collected from over 200 online casinos and sports betting companies, including industry giants and boutique operators, providing an accurate, statistically significant sample of the industry. Access to this information is vital for operators that are limited to only their own data. Optimove’s iGaming Pulse is now fully accessible, ensuring operators will have a clearer overview of how they compare to the industry.