15 October 2001

New York, London - October 15, 2001 - With revenues from online gambling set

to grow from $6.6 billion in 2001 to $20.8 billion in 2005,

( - one of the world's great casino names - has teamed up

with Greenfield Online to release the first extensive research into online

consumer gambling habits.

Based on the responses of 1,000 experienced Internet users, the research

gives a clear insight into why analysts believe the number of online

gamblers in Europe and the US will grow from the current 2.9 million in 2001

to the predicted 7.4 million in 2005.

Conducted in late June 2001, the survey shows that just under two thirds of

the 1000 respondents (63%) had already visited an online gambling related

site - lottery, bingo, sports betting, casino - with 29% having specifically

visited an online casino in the last year.13% had wagered for real.

The study also revealed that online gambling is breaking down the gender

divide, with women feeling more confident playing table games in an online

environment. For example, the female to male divide of those who play

blackjack - the most popular table game - is 32% female to 68% male in

traditional casinos. By contrast, the female/male divide is evenly split

when it comes to playing blackjack online. Likewise, whilst slot machines

are the game of choice for women in bricks and mortar casinos - 88% of the

women who had visited offline casinos having played them - just 24% of

female online casino visitors had played their online equivalent according

to the research.

Russell Foreman, Chief Executive Officer of Aspinalls Online Plc, commented:

'Online gambling is a young industry, but one that has a huge potential for

growth. However, there is genuine unease amongst internet users about

visiting online casinos run by unrecognised operators. That is why we

believe, with its 40 year heritage and long established

reputation for trust, reliability and customer service, is excellently

positioned to succeed.'

According to the research, close to half of the 1000 respondents agreed that

they would prefer an online gambling site run by a well-known, traditional

casino - just 11% disagreeing. Likewise, 56% of those who had visited online

gambling sites were extremely concerned about the safety of using credit

cards or receiving their winnings online.

Russell Foreman:

'With over 14,000 online gambling sites operating on the web at any time,

the public is right to be concerned about security issues. Our advice is

simple - always check out the full credentials of any operator before

signing-up to them. And if there is any doubt - go elsewhere.'

The first online-only casino business to be publicly traded,

launched its first two online casinos - the London Casino and Caribbean

Casino - in June 2001.


Aspinall's is one of the most prestigious names in the world of casinos,

having held a casino licence in the UK for some 40 years. During that period

it has established a reputation built on trust and fairplay.

Founded by Damian Aspinall, Executive Chairman, and Russell Foreman, Chief

Executive Officer, is the first online gaming site to offer a

range of internationally themed casinos and a sophisticated loyalty

programme. is operated by Aspinalls Online plc, the first

online-only casino business to be publicly traded.

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